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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance standards (or QA for short) are a set of standards that have been chosen and implemented by businesses all around the world to show commitment to delivering quality products and services to customers.

Specifically, quality assurance (or QA) standards are about meeting customer and other requirements. To meet QA standards, a company will document how it will meet the requirements of a client or customer in a systematic, reliable fashion.Meeting QA standards shows companies a commitment to delivering quality products and services to the purchaser. Meeting quality assurance standards does not however guarantee a quality product, nor should the quality assurance logo or stamp of approval be placed on the product, as it is the company and not the product or service that is certified.



  • Aviation Engineering & Technology
  • Chemical
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Environmental
  • Facilities Management
  • Food Safety
  • Forensic Science
  • Health & Safety
  • Health & Social Care
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Management Systems Certification
  • Metrology
  • Oil & Gas
  • Maritime
  • Product Safety
  • Security
  • Waste Management & Recycling


The Nautilus Register has been appointed as an accreditation body by Various National government in Americas , Asia Oceana & in Africa for Both Service and Manufacturing Industries.

The Nautilus Register has an active engagement in Government Programs.

  • Reduce the need for central and local government to employ their own specialist assessment personnel. Accreditation provides the assurance for Government to rely on commercial providers of evaluation and inspection services.
  • Build business and public trust
  • Provide an alternative to Regulation whilst ensuring the reliability of activities that have the potential to impact on public confidence, health and safety or the environment.
  • Enable innovation in the private and public sectors


If your business requires the services of certification bodies, testing or calibration laboratories, or inspection bodies, selecting a Nautilus Register-accredited supplier is an essential tool for decision-making and risk management.

Using The Nautilus Register testing, inspection and certification carried out in compliance with best practices can limit product failure and down time, and control manufacturing costs.

  • Selecting an accredited organisation is an essential tool for decision-making and risk management.
  • Organisations can save time and money by selecting an accredited and therefore competent supplier.
  • Reliable measurements, tests and inspections are carried out in compliance with best practices to limit product failure and reduce down time and control manufacturing costs.
  • Accreditation to internationally-recognised standards can provide a competitive advantage and facilitate access to export markets

Certification Bodies – Quality Management Systems

  • Quality Management Systems (QMS)
  • Healthcare Quality Management Systems (HCQMS)
  • Medical Devices
  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
  • Energy Management Systems (EnMS)
  • Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS)
  • Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)
  • Business Continuity Management Systems (BCM)
  • Health & Safety Management Systems (H&SMS)
  • Asset Management Systems (AMS)
  • IT Service Management Systems (ITSMS)
  • Supply Chain Security Management Systems (SCSMS)
  • Private Security Companies (PSC)
  • Environmental Verifiers – EMAS Regulations
  • Fire Risk Management Systems (FRMS)
  • Competence Management Systems (CMS)
  • Anti-Bribery Management Systems (ABMS)